【2018 New Year A thanks letter to all players】

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My Lord,


Age of Kings has accompanied you for two years. We have hung out together for about 700 days and have established a good relationship of mutual trust and support. With your companionship, we achieved a game download number of 10 million. We sincerely thank you for your affection and support.


Christmas and New Year is coming, and we have good news! Our new expansion Age of Kings: The rise of Firmament King is coming soon after the Age of Kings: Ragnarok.


To celebrate the arrival of the holiday and the new expansion, we want to express our gratitude to the players for their strong support towards us by holding a series of events.


New content:

1. March to Devildom system is coming soon

After the appearance of the Inferno Lord, the territory of the Devildom appears on the Camlann Land gradually. To protect the peace of Camlann Land, all lords start to establish elite troops and explore this unknown Devildom territory.


2. The Airship system will be optimized

The Magic Technicians are improving the Airships day and night to prepare for the potential threats. They hope their troops can be more powerful in the increasingly fierce battle.


Event introduction:

1. Jigsaw event

Collect nine Jigsaw pieces in the event and lords can acquire powerful heroes and hero skins.

2. Lucky Draw event

Collect all manner of items, and you can redeem Castle skins, queue skins and such rare rewards when your items reach to a certain amount.

3. Ignite 2018

Light the Celebration Fireworks, and you can acquire all kinds of bonuses and special rewards!

4. Gain gifts

Dispatch the magician to collect the Christmas gift from the Christmas gift Summons Circle on the World Map. Open the gift and you will acquire a variety of items and have a chance to acquire rare resources in the Lucky Draw Event.

5. Premium Pack Give Away

Lords can acquire the Refresh Ticket in the game. Use it to refresh the Pack price and you can purchase the Pack with a low price. Excellent quality and reasonable price!


For the event details and new expansion, please pay attention to our official announcement and Facebook moments!