Game experts teach you how to play Age of Kings——Game strategies for Buildings, Valhalla, Technology and Unit Enhancement

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There are many BUFFs including Heroes, Awakening, The Cabinet, Equipment, Buildings, Appearances, Pets, Valhalla, Artifact, Technology, Troops Enhancements and other BUFFs (Items, position, etc)

Resources can be gained by gathering, collecting in the city, Void Summons, plundering and purchasing packs.

Units can be divided into Siege Engine, Cavalry, Infantry and Archer.

Units restraint relationship: Siege Engine restrain Infantry, Infantry restrain Cavalry, Cavalry restrain Siege Engine, Archer restrain all units


We will introduce playing methods in details:



Buildings own powerful BUFFs. Building levels are divided 1-30 levels.

When a castle ascends a star, players need to choose a Castle Specialization: Swordsman, Magic, Divine Shield.

Specialization restraint:  Swordsman restrain Magic, Magic restrain Divine Shield, Divine Shield restrain Swordsman

Higher star and rank provide higher restraint effects. Before reaching full star, you can change specialization each time you upgrade. After reaching full star, you can change specialization after a cool-down.

When your Castle reaches Lv. 30, you need Master’s Hammers to upgrade. Players can get Shovels in the Inferno Event and exchange one Shovel for one Master’s Hammers



The dead units will become Heroic Spirits and enter Valhalla. Dead units are the only way to gain Heroic Spirit. Valhalla has a powerful BUFF.


Technology Research:

Players gain resources by plundering, gathering, collecting, etc. With enough resources, players can upgrade technology. The higher level you reach, the more powerful your BUFFs will be.

Technology is divided into: Resources, City Development, Core, City Defense, Military, Hero, and restraint

Players can choose their necessary technology to research. The 2nd Research Queue can be gained from the Monthly Card.


Troop enhancement:

Every unit can be enhanced.

Cavalry is divided into: lance, armor, War Horse, helmet, and Pierce (restraint)

Siege Engine is divided into: X-bow, Frame, Wheel, Shield, Crush (restraint)

Archer is divided into: Arrow, Cape, Leggings, Fire Arrows (restraint)

Infantry is divided into: Blade, helmet, Shield, armor, Pike Formation (restraint)

Crystal can be gained from the Inferno Event and buying packs.

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