Game experts teach you how to play Age of Kings——Game strategies for Gathering and World Battle

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There are many BUFFs including Heroes, Awakening, The Cabinet, Equipment, Buildings, Appearances, Pets, Valhalla, Artifact, Technology, Troops Enhancements and other BUFFs (Items, position, etc)

Resources can be gained by gathering, collecting in the city, Void Summons, plundering and purchasing packs.

Units can be divided into Siege Engine, Cavalry, Infantry and Archer.

Units restraint relationship: Siege Engine restrain Infantry, Infantry restrain Cavalry, Cavalry restrain Siege Engine, Archer restrain all units


We will introduce playing methods in details:



If you are a peace-lover, then you can just develop your city by gathering resources. The best unit to gather is the Lv. 2 Siege Engine. It requires less training resources and has the same troop load as the T11 Siege Engine, which is cost-effective.

Gathering hero allocation:

Dempsey (increase gather speed) and Dracula (Load)

If economic conditions permit, you can buy a Nian Beast to gain protection. Upgrade it to four star and you will acquire two-times gather protection everyday. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about being attacked by other players when gathering.


World Battle

Military force is important in this game. The best way to win is fight like men. This is also the best way to solve problems between kingdoms and alliances. Battles include attacking castles directly, competing for the throne, resource plot battles, and so on. The main unit in the battle is the Siege Engine.

Fight hero allocation:

Super player: Chaos Knight, Silver King Saladin, Black Tulip Zorro, Pyrrhus

This hero allocation will maximize output of the Siege Engine.

Advanced player:

Saladin, God of Firmament, Pyrrhus, Zorro

Middle class player and below:

Saladin, God of Firmament, Pyrrhus, God of Ruin, Sun Wukong ,Marksman and other heroes who will increase bonus for Siege Engine Attack, Defense and HP.


Q: Can players use the same heroes in a march, for example four Zorro heroes?

A: Skills from the same heroes will decrease. The first hero skill will take effect 100%, the second will take effect 40%, third will take effect 20%, fourth will take effect 10%. It’s up to you if you will choose same heroes.


Units allocation:

Most players don’t know much about units allocation, we will talk about the basic principle for this.

Each level of each unit (Siege Engine, Cavalry, Infantry and Archer) possesses a platoon soldier. If you use Lv.1-Lv.11 soldiers of Siege Engine, Cavalry, Infantry and Archer, the total will be 44 platoon soldiers. Each platoon soldier can be consumed at least once per round and there is no upper limit.

Siege Engine contains two striking distances 1 and 10. When the striking distance is the same, you can put the low level soldiers in the front. In other words, when you only allocate Siege Engine, soldiers with striking distance 1 will be consumed first. After they’re consumed, the soldiers with a striking distance of 10 will be consumed. So we recommend: when there is only Siege Engine, Lv. 2, 4, 6, 9 (striking distance 1) these can be the front row, Lv. 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 (striking distance 10) can be the main tank, Lv. 10, 11 can be DPS.


Battle for the Throne:

There are so many advantages to gain from participating in the Battle for the Throne, such as position allocation, BUFFs, DEBUFFs, pack allocation and so on.

How to participate in the Battle for the Throne?

Catapults are essential to the Throne. Occupy a Catapult and it will cause XXX true damage every few seconds within the Throne.

After changing a new Master, the Throne will have a CD Time for 8 hours. In this time, everyone can attack except alliance members.

Flight for your honor!

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