Battle of four forces

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Battle of four forces will be opened

Dear Lords:

Kingdom Rampage will be opened again at 02:00 this Saturday (server time)!

Date: 31/03/2018 02:00 – 01/04/2018 02:00  (server time)


a. The 4 participating kingdoms and the size of the event map are determined by the official.

b. Lords can occupy adjacent strongholds in the event map.

c. Each Lord can send a maximum of 3 troops to attend the event.

d. Each stronghold can only be occupied by one troop.

e. You can attack strongholds occupied by Lords from other kingdoms. After the successful attack you occupy the position.

f. Each attack consumes stamina. Stamina will gradually recover.

g. After occupying a stronghold, there is 10 minutes protection time. During this time the stronghold can’t be attacked.

h. If all areas around the stronghold are occupied by another kingdom, the stronghold enters the siege status. All attributes are significantly reduced.

i. Occupying different strongholds gives you different points. Special stronghold offers higher points (for details, please view info of the stronghold).

j. The ranking is based on Kingdom Points. The kingdom with the highest points wins the event.

Have fun!