New Artifact -the Shield of Athena

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Legend has it that Hephaistos made it from Amalthea’s fur. It possesses the attributes of fear, combat, brutality and tracking in its four corners; In the center is Medusa’s head which will cause petrifaction to those whom see it. Players that own the Shield of Athena will acquire Athena’s guardian and gain a powerful city-defending […]

Event : Thanksgiving day

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Thanksgiving gift hit a big wave!1.Cute thanksgiving castle skin, comes with GIF effects, interesting skin of queue.2.Cherish Royal Sister Hero Yuri Alley – Crimson ceremony struck, and quickly put on the new Yurui Aili it3.New technology to unlock, open the fifth hero field

Mystery Furnace is coming

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Players can synthesize, inlay and cast in the Mystery Furnace. Different Runes have different attribute bonuses: Bravery Rune can increase the soldiers attack, perseverance types can increase the soldiers defense, Vitality Rune can increase the HP of soldiers. A type of Rune can only be embedded in the corresponding area of the mysterious furnace, access […]

Quick Awaken: Awaken for Rebate

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Upgrade your heroes and Quick Awaken them! You will obtain Training Dummies and Awaken Beads as rewards after every successful Quick Awakening a 4-Star hero.You will obtain extra rare Awaken Dummies as rewards if the hero reaches Awaken Level 40 or Awaken Level 50; Consumption of Awaken Beads for refreshing Awaken Skills will be reduced […]

Premium Pack Give Away Event Opening

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My Lord,   The Premium Pack Give Away Event is coming soon!   Event time: 10th November 2017-16th November 2017 (server time)   Event entrance: The Chest in the lower left corner on the Castle interface   Event rules: During the event, lords can use the Item “Refresh Coupon” to refresh the price of an […]

Arthur Box Intro

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Long ago during an ancient battle, King Arthur put his treasures in a box for safe keeping; Archmage Merlin made a key and locked this box. Now the old King is dead, and Merlin is gone. No one knows why the key has suddenly reappeared. Fortunately, the lords of the Kingdom have a chance to […]


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AOK is an epic and traditional strategy game. This game combines building, strategy, battles, strengthening and other popular playing method. Players can build their territories, establish their alliances, foster distinctive heroes, foster mythical creatures as pets, train powerful troops and fight against millions of online players. Players can enjoy the fun from attacking other players […]