The Outland awaits conquerors

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March forward now and capture the strongholds to win great rewards. Your troops in the Outland need no training and will not be lost. They will also gain various buff effects naturally. Watch out for the other Lords, for they may grab the Stronghold from you. Ready your guarding troops.

Attacking Strongholds will cost you 20 Expedition Orders. Expedition Orders will restore over time (Restores 20 every 2 hours). Enemy Strongholds can switch Lords once for free every 10 minutes. You can also spend Gold to switch enemy Lords instantly. Use items to boost the Defense Level of a Stronghold to withstand the attacks of other Lords.


Outland Battles will last for a week, Ranking rewards will be given based on the number of strongholds you captured and sent to your mail. Captured Strongholds will be reset at the beginning of a new round of Outland Battles.


Please note: The Hero you use in the Outland is the one you actually own (Hero must be idle. Consumable skills will be consumed.)


Stronghold Defense Battles are the same as Castle Defenses, you can use Heroes in the Defense District to defend Strongholds.

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