The Strongest Alliance Championship is coming

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Introduction of the Strongest Alliance Championship:
1. The sign-up time is XX hours before the event opens. All players who have joined an Alliance can sign-up in the event interface.
2. Alliance leader and R4 members have the right to select the participants
3. Each Alliance battle requires ten Alliance members
4. After selecting the participants, the Alliance leader can confirm the participants list. It can’t be changed after confirmation.
5. When there is no confirmation from an Alliance leader, the participants list with ten members will be confirmed automatically when the sign-up time ends. If your participants are less than ten, the system will rank the defense power of the sign-up list and fill up the ten participants. Your Alliance will not participant in this event when your sign-up members are less than 10.
6. Alliance leaders can confirm the target Alliance that will be attacked and R5/R4 members can refresh the current competitors when in the competition.
7. After the Alliance leader confirms the target Alliance, your Alliance will be in combat status. The participants can attack the enemy defensive members. Every player will have only one chance to attack in each battle.
8. When your Alliance obtains seven victories, your Alliance wins the battle. If your victory time is less than seven or your Alliance exceeds the prescribed time, your Alliance loses the battle.
9. Players can adjust defensive troops any time in the competition.
10. Each time your Alliance obtains a victory when attacking the enemy Alliance, your Alliance will acquire 1 point. We will send participation awards and rewards for all Alliance members according to the event points.
11. Players will gain Alliance Championship Medals when attacking. Use these to purchase items in the corresponding store.

Medal Store
1. Gain Alliance Championship Medals by attacking enemies in the Alliance battles. A victory gains you 20 Alliance Championship Medals and a failure gains you 6 Alliance Championship Medals.
2. You can use Alliance Championship Medals to redeem the items you need.
3. You can use Alliance Championship Medal items to gain Alliance Championship Medals.