The the Ignite 2018 event is coming soon!

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Event time: 15th December 2017-15th January 2018 (server time)

Event entrance: The Chest in the lower left corner on the Castle interface

Event introduction:

  1. Players can light the Fireworks and gain random bonuses during the event.
  2. Fireworks acquisition approaches: Fireworks Packs and other events.
  3. Different bonuses (or same bonuses in different numerical value) can take effect on the same time. However, the same bonuses with same numerical value can’t be stacked. The bonus will last longer when you acquire the second time.
  4. All Fireworks bonus effects will expire after this event.
  5. The Fireworks effects will last for xx minutes on your Castle and on the World Map.
  6. We will rank all players in all servers according to the amount of lighting Fireworks. Players that attain higher rankings will acquire precious rewards.
  7. If players attain same amount of lighting the Fireworks, player who became the first one to achieve this amount wins. \n8. All rewards will be sent within 24 hours after the event closes.