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All Hallows Wheel spins slowly. Tonight, all Lords will bring “Soul Cookies” cooked by flour and raisins then trudge through the remote villages. They will gather in front of the All Hallows Wheel and pray for God’s blessing.

In the Halloween exclusive Trick or Treat Event, Lords can spin the All Hallows Wheel to gain mysterious letters by using the Halloween Pumpkins. Collect all the letters in “trick” or “treat” and you can redeem the Halloween exclusive reward items:
Complete “trick” and you can acquire a new march queue skin- Halloween Pumpkin Carriage
Complete “treat” and you can acquire a new Castle skin- Halloween Carnival

Items Effects
Halloween Pumpkin Carriage: All units Attack+ 10% after using
Halloween Carnival: Number of acquiring Heroic Spirit increase, monsters around your Castle will be scarecrow-shaped, Attack increase while attacking the city and defending the city.

You also can redeem resources with redundant letters after this event. Come and join this value-based event!

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